Friday, November 27, 2009

Trance used to be GREAT. Really!

So next on my list of rips was meant to be Jasper's blindingly good Mercury Mixes, but I've been beaten to it  by Spectrum on ITM.  Cracking tapes these are, and well worth the download. When I listen back to trance like this, it really does make me wonder what happened.

Part 1 is especially good.  It's taken from a time when  trance really began to establish itself as not just a genre but a force within dance music.  The raw trance from the early 90's is spit-polished with shiny, new production values but the template of what makes trance "trance" is still not quite set.  As such you get a varied set, each track experimenting with the palette in its own little way.

You can tell trance has developed that little bit more by the time Part 2 rolls around.  While following a similar path to Part 1, there are definitely parts that are identifiable as one of the many genres that splintered-off around the time - psy-, hard-, techy or whatever.



  1. This is the some of the best trance I've ever heard, (in my opinion, that is). I'm keeping an eye out for more of his stuff.

  2. thank you so much what else can i say