Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ray tape good. Needs more Phil.

It would be criminal to post a Sugar Ray Sabotage mix with out its matching Phil Smart, thus here it is.  I do have this tape, but in this case the rip wasn't done by me.  I downloaded it from the original Sydney Oldskool group on Facebook (RIP), hence the lower bitrate. 

Absolute cracker of a tape, this one is.  Side A is the "Proton Side", a deep and brooding tech-house mix with hints of cut-up funk and disco.  The "Electron Side" on the flip, however, is where it's at.  Upping the energy levels, it kicks off with Donna's "MMM" and slams along with some of the late 90's most exciting tracks like Oizo's "M Seq" and Sasha and BT's at the time utterly surprising "Ride".  Still gives me goosebumps!

Download Phil Smart Sabotage 1998 Side A - Proton Side
Download Phil Smart Sabotage 1998 Side B - Electron Side


  1. Sydney misses the Phil Smart dance floor destroyer sets...
    This is the best mix tape I have ever heard, great track selection - way ahead of its time, but the mixing on this tape is seriously mind blowing, the way Funk 198 - Caged is mixed in on Proton side, perfect!

  2. Thanks for this. I love this mix... a classic.

  3. thanks for re-upping !


  4. Holy shit I can't believe I found this mixtape again! Take me back to the days of Sabotage and Tweekin!

  5. Hi...I have a few Phil Smart mix tapes from '92-'95 (I think) & would really appreciate anyone's help in identifying some of the tracks? Here is a web link to some mp3 samples...please just post on the forum if you can help.

    They are all from Rhythm Calypso, Mocean, Down Underground or Naughty Trax (with Sugar Ray)

  6. Hi Steve

    Had a listen to those tunes and can't help you myself, but try hitting up the Oldskool groups on Facebook (Sydney Oldskool and The Oldschool Sound of Sydney). A little later but there's also a group for Tweekin. You may find some luck there too.

    Pro tip - grab yourself a Soundcloud account and upload your ids to there. Will allow listeners to quickly stream your samples rather than having to download, meaning more listeners for you and more chances of someone identifying the tunes!

    Best of luck.

  7. Steve Track 7 is Sinister Footwork by The 3rd Alternative

  8. You are sucha legend for providing this...missed this tape soooo much over the years....never thought id hear it again :)))

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