Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Carl Cox Live in Sydney, wrecked by a shit MC

I fucking hate MC's in electronic music.  There are three exceptions to this rule:
  • The UK's MC GQ, who appeared on a few UK Jungle tapes I managed to pick up over the years.
  • Adelaide's Maestro D, most famous for his MCing on Spellbound 8
  • Steve Spacek.  If you haven't heard him get your ass down to Void NOW to see what I'm talking about.
In the above cases, these men apply their own creative talents to give something more to the music.  Most importantly, they use their talents sparingly.  Less really is more.  The other 99.9% of MC's "work the crowd" by screeching random shite over the top of the music with scant regard for anything but the sound of their own voice.

This mix contains possibly the WORST MC EVER, who comprehensively destroys Carl Cox's otherwise epic DJ set at World Party in early '95.  Damn shame, because the music is brilliant.  The set covers similar ground to the infamous F.A.C.T mix CD, with the energy levels increased by Cox's vigorous 'live' mixing style.

Audacity, the software I've been using to rip the tapes here, has some fantastic filters like "Noise Removal" and "Click Removal".  If only there was an "MC Removal" it would be a win for everyone.

Download Carl Cox live in Sydney 1995


  1. MC is quite a shame indeed, the music beneath is excellent. Historically interesting though. Thanks for the upload

  2. was this that outdoor party in Syd at some fun park place out west? The set up and production was so dodgy if it was. They had so many internationals billed and if i recall right Laurent Garnier wouldn't get up on that dodgy scaff set up and play. I think it was a Vagas party.

  3. Cool I just stumbled on your blog as I was searching for some Carl Cox and other DJ's live in Australia. I'm from Adelaide and have a few sets from around the country myself, got OG copies of Carl Cox and Ratty from Melbourne 94, Got Ratty and Grooverider live in Adelaide at Fantazia World Tour 2 94, got all the mixes from the first Fantazia World Tour in 93 NYE Sydney and heaps more, let me know if you want some links be more than happy to share the wealth!

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