Monday, November 9, 2009

Let It Out '95...the unknown sequel

When DJ Vagas' "Let It Out '94" appeared as part of a ticket package to a party which I did not attend, it quickly became the stuff of legend.  Somehow, everyone ended up with a copy and everyone hammered it to death.  At a time when Vagas was better known for playing hard as hell, "Let It Out" came totally out of left field.  It was a bouncy, fun tape of happy anthems and it went down a treat.  My copy was a terrible, hissy "tape of a tape of a tape" that seems positively archaic compared to today's instantaneous file-swapping.

Less well known was "Let It Out '95", a follow up tape of a similar music style that never gained the widespread traction of the former.  Regardless, it's an entirely worthy mix showcasing the cheesier side of rave in 1995.  There are some awesome tracks here.  Some were HUGE at the time, like Legend B's "Lost In Love" and N-Trance "Set You Free".  But there are also some more forgotten tracks - many I can't name and had totally forgotten about until I listened through a day or two ago.

Vagas was never the most technically sophisticated DJ; his mixes always seemed flippant - if the beats were in time the bars weren't and if the bars were in time the beat-mixing was invariably out.  Nevertheless, his sets somehow always worked - the messy mixing creating a frenetic, crazy and unpredictable vibe.  Compared to modern, perfectly machine-matched beats, it's kind of refreshing! 

Download Vagas Let It Out 95 Side A
Download Vagas Let It Out 95 Side B


  1. Hey, the link for side 2 seems to be expired. Thanks for all your efforts! :)

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  3. Does anyone have a copy of Dj Vagas Technocolour to upload?

  4. Thank you very much for having the 'let it out 95' dj vegas on your site. It was of course back in the 90s when I bought the tape from central station Adelaide store. Then I lent it to my sister with other fantastic mixes and she lost it, I was upset and thought it was gone forever. It was only just yesterday where I found the download on your site. 18 years later and I still love this mix.
    Thanks guys you made a person very happy