Friday, March 1, 2013

Due to a flurry of activity on the Facebook page for this blog I've managed to come by a few things worth posting, so had grand plans to piece together my first in over a year this coming weekend.  Then DJ Ajax died.

I must confess to not having given Ajax much thought over the last decade.  Though elements of that Bang Gang sound appealed, the whole package didn't really do it for me. But in the late 90s and early noughties, DJ Ajax was a different beast.  I guess he was only a rising star in those days, and he would play almost anything anywhere.  His versatility was amazing.  One week it could a big room house set at a trendy bar-type party, the next it could be banging techno at Crunch or one of the other small-room techno parties that popped up in the Cross around then.  His several week stint filling in for an overseas Sugar Ray and Phil Smart at Tweekin', playing deep house, techno and nuskool breaks, holds a particularly special place in my heart.

This mix from 2000 bends the "93 to 99" rule of the Archive.  It was a cover CD from the short-lived Remix magazine and its sound might surprise those who know Ajax via his more recent sounds.  Starting off on a downbeat, funky vibe, it travails through to deep house showing hints of techno and electro while maintaining a chilled, understated feed.  A fittingly reflective tribute to one of Australia's greatest DJs.

Click here to download DJ Ajax's Remix Magazine cover CD.

Update: For those having trouble downloading Friday's Ajax mix CD from Mediafire, a kind soul has uploaded it to Soundcloud. Not sure why Mediafire is working for some and not others but I suspect it has to do with your internet service provider.