Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting down to Biz-ness

When things were getting fluffy - and in Sydney in the 90's things invariably were - you could always count on Biz-E to deliver something serious.  Biz was the true champion of proper, booty-shakin' techno right into the early years of the 21st century and although he doesn't seem to DJ as much anymore he's still kicking about, and producing some pretty cool techno.  He's just Biz now, though.  The 'E' has gone the way of, well, E's in general.

This tape comes from around '95 and the music has aged well.  With the passage of time music styles change, reference points change and in that context this tape brilliantly captures what was 'NOW' at the time it was recorded.  I remember thinking at the time this tape was quite minimal, but compared to today's minimal it most definitely isn't.  This tape is lush and beautiful in places, utterly slamming in others.  It's straight up and twisted. Sometimes it's frenetic, other times it's quite restrained.  Much like I remember Biz-E the many times I heard him play - unpredictable yet tight.

Download Biz-E's "Fresh Outta The Lab" Side A
Download Biz-E's "Fresh Outta The Lab" Side B


  1. Those were the good old days when 'Techno' and electronic dance music was being introduced into Sydney and Australia. Massive Raves! I remember those good times we had...

  2. any tunes in here that you can help identify?
    so far i've got the jeff mills classic, track by kenny larkin and the takkyu ishino remix.