Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DJ Popeye - lone junglist

In 1995 no-one did jungle, except Popeye.  I discovered Popeye in '94 though his fan-fucking-tastic "Junglistic Rowdiness" tape which, despite its name, featured happy breakbeat on Side A and darkside breakbeat on side B.

My introduction to jungle came later, at the 'Technocolour' party in '95 which featured its very own jungle/drum & bass room.  To be honest, I wasn't really impressed by it all.  At the time it felt like the music just lacked something.  I put it down to my unsophisticated young mind just not understanding anything unless it was big, dumb and in your face.  Nevertheless, I picked up Popeye's "Jungle Massive Australia" tape some months later.  I must have realised there was more to jungle than met the eye. Incidentally, this is about the same time everyone else realised there was more to jungle.

I don't know if it was just the lack of MC's but there was always something spit-polished about the Jungle Massive Australia take on drum & bass.  Compared to the madness of the UK tapes - usually live recordings - that filtered through every now and again,  Australianised tapes took on a far more restrained, clinical quality, despite the tapes featuring all the same tracks.  The few JMA parties I attended were somewhat similar - a tad more chilled than many of the other scenes in Sydney at the time.

This tape is excellent but yes, very clean, very clinical.  At the same time it treads a really nice line, achieving an atmospheric feel without diverting too far from the dancefloor.

Download DJ Popeye "Jungle Massive Australia" Side A
Download DJ Popeye "Jungle Massive Australia" Side B


  1. Wow, forgot about this tape. Have a copy of Jungilistic rowdiness and this is jungle.. Jungilistic rowdiness was wierd with the happy breakbeat side and the awesome jungle side on the back.. Still like listening to it..

    "This is not a pop album!"

  2. You're a champ.

    You don't have 'Junglistic Rowdiness'
    by any chance, do you?

    It was THE SHIT,
    lost it at a house party,
    would LOVE to here it again.