Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pleasuredome '94 - Best party ever?

Everyone has a party they look back on as a favourite.  For me, it's Pleasuredome '94.  It was absolutely massive but retained just the right illegal, warehousey feel.  It was the third party I went to and I'll never forget first walking in and wondering why so few people were dancing.  It was a mad surprise realising the small group I could see was just the very back of the dancefloor, and there were about 4,000 more happy ravers going nuts just around the corner.  And with sparklers, everyone seemed to have sparklers.

What an awesome night followed - the huge chillout full of old, street-side lounges; a pumping, intense hardcore room up the back, and particularly memorable sets from Pee Wee, Jade and a little, unknown group named Infusion.

The UK's DJ Slipmatt headlined the night and first introduced me to the UK breakbeat style, a style it baffles me never really took off in Sydney.  His set covered all the big, breaky numbers of the day - all four SMDs, "In Effect", "In Complete Darkness", "Ool Lortnoc" and many more.

Adelaide's Maestro D is on MC duties and, despite my general distaste for MC'ing, I really enjoy it.  His style really carries forth the idea that you were in that moment, in the midst of something epic, a true Australian raver aesthete.

There were more Pleasuredome tapes in existence.  I had the Pee Wee set on loan at one point and would love to track it down - or any other sets from the night for that matter.  Can anyone help?

Click here to download Slipmatt live at Pleasuredome '94 Side A
Click here to download Slipmatt live at Pleasuredome '94 Side B
Click here to download Slipmatt live at Pleasuredome '94 Side C
Click here to download Slipmatt live at Pleasuredome '94 Side D


  1. Wow, this was awesome.. Some great tracks.

  2. Hey! Glad you enjoyed :) I haven't got any of the tapes but I do have Angus's set from PD 94




  3. nice work there Rob - we talked about this night and the set at Decadence reunion party last year. - HAPPY DAYS!! This goes down as one of my top 5 parties of all time

  4. Firstly the party was awesome, due to the layout of the warehouse being long and thin, it was the first time I really felt a buzz go through the crowd from the front to the back like a wave, it felt like a wave of electricity passing along and that feeling I always reminisce about when talking about those days with my mates or like minded people.
    Also thank you for this site, I am sure I am not the only one who wished they hadn't lost so many tapes along the way, big ups to whoever is responsible.

  5. this was such a sick party, Buck Rogers Ravers Style!!! defo in the top 5 raves between 94 and 96.. I think it was the first time I saw tracy bourke (laser dancer).

  6. Hi was this set in the uk?


  7. No, this was deep in Western Sydney, September 1994. It was around about here, off memory.

  8. Thanks for your reply. I do have a Grooverider tape from the Pleasuredome 94, but from the UK if you are interested i can give you some links to the set ?

  9. This was an epic party, maybe fod 4 , prodigy 6 nye and Alien factory with ultrasonic would compare from parties that I went to back in the day. Some awesome tunes played by slipmat.
    I have a few tapes in a box at home that are nt on the archive

  10. Link to Side C is broke :(

  11. This was the first rave i ever went to...blew my fkn mind! Thanks for posting Slipmat set, i remember this cos they had that dot matrix sign up on stage. I never thought i'd get to re-experience that first time fresh feeling but listening to these comes pretty close. Still have ticket stub...