Friday, December 18, 2009

Who the f*** is DJ Apex?

I have no idea who DJ Apex is but this might just be my favourite hard trance tape ever.  I lost my copy back in '96 and have been trying to find it ever since.  Happily, through this little blog it has once again come my way! 

The tape was originally picked up in '94 and as far as I can remember had a prism with light passing through it on the cover.  I also seem to remember being told Apex was DJ Fenix using a different moniker for his trance sets.  Can anyone confirm or deny?

The tape flies along around 170bpm and, unusually, gives barely a nod to the predominant happy-hardcore sound of the day.  There's the odd scattering of anthems like "Enter the Arena" and "Wizards of the Sonic", but for the most part this tape is all about the underground, with a hard trance sound that's somewhat bigger and dumber than the more popular Hi-Shock tapes of the day.  I say that in a good way as this set really is a lot of fun!

Click here to download DJ Apex - Spectrum Side A
Click here to download DJ Apex - Spectrum Side B


  1. listened to this last night, was very good.

  2. Yeah man, just listened to this piece of wickedness. I loved it! Too short, but absolutely pumpin.

  3. thanks mate, have always loved the earlier hard trance sounds! As for the identity of DJ Apex - does it really matter?, as long as the music sounds good!

  4. its dj fenix. he put on a party called apex i was there so were bubble n squeak and others