Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're back, and we're slamming!

After a small hiatus following some technical issues, we're back with plenty more mixtapes and memories!  What better way to start off than with Jumpin Jack's slamming Mix CD "New NRG".  I'm not 100% sure whether this CD is from '96 or '97, but I'm putting it at '97 'cause that's when I bought it and hammered it.

This was the sound of some of the predominant clubs of the day - Friday nights at Sublime on Pitt Street (no Rewind Bunnies in those days!), early Plastic at the Palladium and Transmission.  The set is heavy on anthems like X-Cabs "Neuro" and the fantastic Jon the Dentist remix of "Stuck on a Space Trip".  Excellent!

Download Jumpin Jack - New NRG


  1. Yeah man, I SLAMMED this mix back in the day...I still listen to it from time to time. By the way, thanks for buying it for me!

    ps It could be 1996, only due to the fact that other people have been looking for this mix and weren't able to find it because it was incorrectly labelled "Energy '96"...

  2. Great return! Sadly lost this tape in many a house move or lent it to someone and it never returned:( Memories restored and will have this on high rotation this week for sure WOOT!

  3. Legendary stuff the man Jumpin Jack when Djays where Djays gotta love it from Dj Delerious,s younger bro Christopher