Monday, January 23, 2012

Pee Wee @ Prodigy 4!

I haven't come across this one before.  Massive thanks to Monty who posted this a couple of weeks ago on our Facebook page.  Of course, the files were hosted on Megaupload, so now that's gone I've moved them over to the Archive's Mediafire account.

I didn't go to Prodigy 4; it was a shade before my time. But for me this is just the sort of tape that was passed around and copied by friend after friend after friend. What can I say, though.  This would have been a cracking good set to see live.

Thanks for sharing, Monte!

Plug: Pee Wee is also performing an "early 90s rave" set at Green Beats, this Australia Day, alongside some cracking "current" DJs and live acts. No idea what "flavour" rave he'll play but I'm rather excited! Also of oldskool interest are Tactical Aspect, two junglists from a parallel universe where '93/'94 jungle never morphed into drum & bass.  Well worth checking!

Download Pee Wee live @ Prodigy 4 Side A
Download Pee Wee live @ Prodigy 4 Side B


  1. This is a great rip, filled with old skool goodness!

  2. Great mix...any idea what the track at 32.30 on side 1 is? Very Italian. It's the track 2 before Amokk

  3. Love it , i was at this party 20yrs ago now,great set peewee thanx 4 the memorys,Respect

  4. This was the last party I went to before the cheesy cancer of happy hardcore f*cked the Sydney scene beyond all recognition.

  5. dude, what you are doing is awesome....keep the Rave alive! Is there any chance of some track lists off the cassettes as well? I started in 88 and dropped out in the mid 90's so remembering track names is a stretch too far for a Generation "E" soul!