Monday, February 21, 2011

Half a tape!

For goodness sake!  Your humble blogger has had a rather bad run of luck with tape players.  Having just acquired another tape deck, I excitedly grabbed a tape and started ripping.  End of side A, turn it over, press play and....nothing! Another one bites the dust.  Anyhow, I have half a tape rip, so I'm posting half a tape rip.

SV3 was the party and everyone who went received a free DJ Asterix tape.  I don't think I know anyone who didn't have a copy.  You had a copy, I had a copy.  Even your grandmother probably had a copy.  Now here's half a copy. 

Click here do download DJ Asterix SV3 Promotion Tape Side A (Happy Hard)

Side B (High NRG) will follow....eventually.


  1. Link to another site doing a similar thing. A quick search of the archive yields all sorts of sydney performances.

  2. Hello hello hello :-)
    Big ups for keeping the old vibe alive!
    I have a lot of mix tapes at home but dont have the equipment to digitize it. As much as i like to keep em but my 2 kids finds it amusing to pull out the ribbon and play skipping with it.
    Any chance of digitizing it and post it up on the website?
    if so where do i send it and oh you can keep them :-(


  3. Hey there.. I have the whole tape.. I'm trying to ID the tune between 'Do you wanna party' & 'Feel Alright'

    it's the one with the vocals - 'You can make my dreams come true, you can make me feel so high'... etc.

    PLEASE HELP! My last remaining lost ID... Been over a decade of wondering now!

    Toby Matrix..


  4. The Full tape is here:

    1. Link down. really like to get this mix. has a lot of my old favourite vinyl on . before we got bulged and lost 2 crates.

  5. All you guys need is a walkman and an audio plug with a headphone jack on either end. plug it into the Mic input of the pc. get some free audio rec software. easy to Google. and bobs your uncle

  6. Thats a bummer. Do what brennox said, that would seem to work well!