Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Hi NRG at it's BEST!

"Happy Hi NRG at it's BEST!"  Yup, that's what the tape cover says.  Nothing like a rave-related tape cover, flyer or 3D World article for a bevy of wayward apostrophes, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.  To be fair it never was about the spelling...

I never made it to Free Love '95.  It was somewhere like Blackmarket off memory.  Being (and very much looking) underage at the time, I was just a little too paranoid I wouldn't be let in to a 'real' nightclub.  Given 15-year old Anna Wood disastrously made it into Apache at The Phoenician a few months later I probably would have been fine, but how was I to know?

The Free Love parties just grew from there.  I missed Free Love '96 as well, due to being struck by a nasty flu post-FOD4, which had occurred a week earlier.   I did make it to Free Love '97 but by then I'd lost most of my raving mojo and don't remember being particularly impressed.  That party was one of those massive Minto raves and, being free, was packed to the rafters and seemed to attract all sorts of bogans, bombers and general weirdos.  I imagine Free Love '95 would have been the goods though - smallish, inner city and a little more underground than the juggernaut sequels that followed.

Download Free Love '95 Side A (Budds'n'Stoo)
Download Free Love '95 Side B (Dynamix)


  1. I never heard this before. Pretty great stuff! It's nice having some great stuff to wake you up on the light rail in the morning. Now if I can only find Free Love 96....

  2. Sydney DJ Tape ArchiveFebruary 2, 2010 at 7:22 PM

    I'm not sure I ever heard Free Love '96. I have a friend who had the Free Love '97 double tape pack (Fenix/Affinity and Dynamix again off memory). I'll have to see if she still has it. If I can get my hands on it I'll upload to the archive for sure.

  3. That would be great! Thank you! - (Kirk )

  4. lol i think i still have a free love 95 shirt

    bardia stuart nathan and jane and everyone else in bizerk thanks for the FREE parties. Christ i think i still have my free love 95 tshirt and the minto vip ticket lol

  5. u no annas (wood) drink was spiked hey

    1. No it wasnt. I knew her and all her friends, and they had a pill each, they were strong pills, but good ones. She had it on her own accord.

      The people running the phoenician club at the time were coke heads and I doubt the promoters of Apache cared too much that under agers were getting in left right and centre.

      Word up to Sam K, Sam S, Rod R

  6. Doubt it know one ever spiked mine no matter how much i hoped they would.

  7. I still have the sticker for this party stuck to something somewhere. This was the one at Blackmarket right? Thanx for this - good memories if a little hazy.

  8. Please can somone put up a download link for DJ FENIX SOUNDS OF MADNESS or any mixes by dj fenix

  9. I had some awesome green & gold caps at freelove @ black market & had a sick night with friends, great tunes, I remember standing on a siding hanging onto a light fixture going nuts with my girlfriend yelling at me to get down. Good times.
    Scotty from Engadine

  10. Anyone know where I can get a hold of the Freelove 96 double mixtape, bought it back in the day but can only find 1 of them. The one I'm missing has the happy hard side mixed by Dj Daydream.